Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Collective Bargaining and Wisconsin's Prisons...


You mean that an exodus of Wisconsin's prison employees as a result of Scott Walker's attack against public employees could lead to dangerous working conditions? People tend to focus only on the financial component of Wisconsin's Act 10, and as bad as that is for working families, there is a more insidious and dangerous part that is not often looked at.

With the new law limiting collective bargaining to base wages, prison workers have zero say in their working conditions. As a result, administrators and political toadies have the ultimate authority to institute any "reforms" they want regarding personnel and working conditions.

Isn't it possible that the front line employees working with some of Wisconsin's most dangerous population might have valuable insights gained from years of professional experience...Doesn't matter...and we are now seeing the ugly results of this. Attacks on staff are on the rise at Wisconsin's Dodge County Correctional Facility...


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