Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This Just In...Walker is Right...Well, Sort of...

So I was watching my local NBC affiliate, WEAU, and of course they played footage from a recent interview our illustrious governor had given them (could have been any television or radio station...he says the exact same things to them all)...Mostly to continue to spread the same boilerplate lines about how he is the greatest thing to happen to Wisconsin since beer, cheese, and the Green Bay Packers...What struck me, after I was able to get past the deadened look in his eyes (I mean come's almost like from the invasion of the body snatchers), was that what he was saying was correct...just not in the context that he is comprehending it.

Walker: "To me if you do things for the right reasons long term people will see what we’re doing is historic here in Wisconsin and even maybe in the county."

He's right. The only difference is that it's our movement that is creating history from right action.

Walker: "It will show we stood up and did the right thing. "

Again, right on. Fighting for the dignity of working people, the environment, education, and a litany of other critical issues is the right thing to do...

Walker: "We thought more about the next generation then we did about just the next election."

Again...Spot on. When I look at my two young children...I know, I KNOW, that we must nurture a place in which they are able to get educated, have safe access to drinking water, be able to afford to go to college if they so choose, be respected on the job, and have access to a safe and dignified retirement. Thank you Scott for crystallizing for me, again, why we are doing what we are doing...

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